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Evaluating Sources in a Post-Truth World: Ideas for Teaching and Learning About Fake News

If it was a powerful photo of a drowned refugee child, did it come via Facebook? Twitter? If so, was it forwarded by a friend from some other friend or feed? Who created the content? Try to trace how information MOVES. As he points out, this exercise shows the ways in which information moves through social media and how easily its origins can become obscured. Consider the Effects of Fake News on Democracy: The Stanford History Education Group’ s executive summary concludes, “At present, we worry that democracy is threatened by the ease at which disinformation about civic issues is allowed to spread and flourish.” What “disinformation” have your students noticed this election season? In “ The Real Story About Fake News Is Partisanship ,” The Upshot writes: The fake-news phenomenon is not the Skip Trace result of personal failings. And it is not limited to one end of the political spectrum. Rather, Americans’ deep bias against the political party they oppose is so strong that it acts as a kind of partisan prism for facts, refracting a Skip Tracer different reality to Republicans than to Democrats. Partisan refraction has fueled the rise of fake news, according to researchers who study the phenomenon.

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