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“While I loved music by Simon and Garfunkel and the Zombies, punk and new wave really touched something deep inside of me. And they were like an epiphany for Dante as well.” After meeting Howlin' Dave, it was through those records that they bonded and connected.  “At that time, he (and the station) would play the flavor of the day – the Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Cream,” recalled Aguilar. “I told Dante, ‘why don’t you play these punk and new wave records?’” Howlin' Dave did try them out. Late at night first when the day’s playlists were done. And what followed was a – to borrow a song title from the Clash – “revolution rock.” “When Dante was on board at RJ, I’d be the one at the booth to answer the phone,” revealed Aguilar of those subversive nights. “Callers (this writer included) would ask the titles of the songs or information about the bands. Sid Vicious’ version of ‘My Way’ was so popular that we’d often get requests to play it even if we already did.” As a seventh grade student then, hearing the Sex Pistols, the Ramones, the Skids, and the Clash turned this metalhead of a kid inside out. When Howlin' Dave began to promote the upcoming release of the first ever locally released punk record – “The Best of Punk and New Wave Rock Vol.1” -- the album was like a Holy Grail for me at that age. I saved my allowance for two weeks and then some just to purchase the record (which I still have to this day).  When I recount that anecdote to Aguilar, she beams proudly. “What was going on inside that booth in DZRJ at that time sure changed a lot of lives.” Dante, with Aguilar by his side, was propelled into an unlikely figurehead of the punk and new wave moment locally.

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